”Alien shows here how after years you can come up with an album that sounds familiar, but has enough modern influences to continue ’Into The Future’. If I was asked for an annual list, I don’t think there will be an album this year that can knock ”Into The Future” off number 1. 9/10″

”Whether or not you are a fan of ALIEN already, this album should be one that you give a try. Who knows? If you don’t give it a listen, you could miss out on a band you never knew you could enjoy.”
Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

”Personligen så har jag gått ifrån att vara rent skeptisk till att verkligen uppskatta det jag hör. Nittioprocent av spåren är låtar som man gärna återkommer till och det får anses som ett högt betyg. Ambitionen, produktionen och ett skivfodral som är så etiskt tjusigt som man klappar händerna trots att man har valt bort den klassiska loggan gör att mitt betyg blir högt.”

Artist: Alien
Titel: Into The Future
Genre: Melodic Rock
Skivbolag: AOR Heaven
Releasedatum: 2020-11-27
Betyg: 4/5
Bästa låtar: You Still Burn, Time is Right, Into the Future och In Her Eyes

Andreas Östlund


Bonus Bombe!

”Here is a band with decades of experience  and a flair for rough melodies at work, which should not leave even die-hard metal people indifferent.”

Jenny Rönnebeck…/alien-into-the-future/

”Alien have been in business for a long time, but almost undiscovered. That should change now with “Into The Future” and the conditions are more than good. Because there is hardly a better way to play such timeless music. For me a real discovery in the genre of melodic hard rock / AOR.”


”With this album ALIEN really are back – give them a chance – you won’t be disappointed! A real great album that shines bright in a dark time.”

9/10 ”Alien deliver tremendously, somewhere between AOR and unfamiliar Hard Rock, with some highlights in their luggage, not quite the level as the debut but closest to it. I give a 9 for this ALIEN album.”


”If you love big hooks/riffs with a hard edge you will love this Vinyl, yes I said Vinyl because the band decided you needed a Vinyl as well.
This is MelodicRock with a touch of Metal but still damn melodic and Jim have a voice to die for.
Favorite pick would be ”You Still Burn”, Time is Right”, ”What Are We Fighting For” and titel track ”Into The Future”.
/Johan ”DrAOR” Nylén

I still get the chills hearing Aliens version of Only One Woman. I have to say that I was a bit concerned when I was about to listen to Alien 2020.
But no worries, this sounds really great. The band have modernised their roots from the eighties and deliver such great riffs and magical vocals. Fallin way down is EPIC!
Nice work guys!”
/Niklas at Radio Prime